Camera rigs

  • By Vien
  • 29 October, 2013
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gh3 rig  Here’s a look at our GH3 hdslr camera rig.  It fits snuggly on your shoulder and without the sunshade its almost useless outside.  I like the top carry handle for some low shots.  Also when your arms get tired your can put it on the ground without it tipping over.  The top bars is where can add on stuff….. like led lights, mic, gopro, tascam recorder, etc…  It has a follow focus wheel so you don’t have to touch the lens and cause unnecessary camera shake. 

In the past couple of week, I was thinking about selling it and looking for something more like a Manfrotto monopod:

So by checking out this cool video, you can tell its portable, smooth, you get more unique shots than a shoulder rig, more stable when panning/tilting shot.  This is a Videographer’s dream come true.  It was also way cheaper than my shoulder rig($1000) vs Manfrotto monopod($299).  So its a step closer to what I was looking for.

Than the other day I ran into this:

The Steddiepod looks Awesome! I can get a tripod/monopod/steadicam all in one!  It cost about $499.

Have anyone use this before?  Let me know what you think?


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