Gh3 workhorse

  • By Vien
  • 18 January, 2014
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Panasonic GH3

I love my Gh3 it’s a workhorse.  It has paid for it self so many times over.  Tips for other Gh3 owner.  Buy some 1 inch gaffers tape and tape the eyepiece down(after a dab of super glue), memory card slot and the battery door on your battery grip.  Trust me! if you don’t do this, it will annoy you by keep opening or it will break off and get lost!


Gaffers tape the rubber eyepiece to the camera!


tape the sd card door.


I gaffer tape everything I mention above and also put on the hot shoe cover before I go out to the field.  It also help keep your camera weather seal, rain or snow you know for sure you are cover.  And yes I lost my rubber eyepiece before I did all of this.  Not cool.


tape the battery door on the battery grip.

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