Turn your Garage into a photo Studio!

  • By Vien
  • 22 August, 2014
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Why not turn your garage into a photo studio?  When you have bad weather like today and its raining all weekend.  If its too hot/cold outside, you will always have a place to go, just to bring up a couple of pros.  The best part of having your own studio is that you have total control of the lights.  Anywho, this is how we turn our third car garage into a studio…


The above picture is how it looked before, all messy and we barely have room to walk.


First we clear the area, than hang 3 backdrop: CowboyStudio 3-Roller Wall Mounting Manual Background Support System, cost about $60 bucks.


Than we bought some paper backdrop, Savage SV-107X12-27 Seamless Background Paper, 107-Inch wide x 12 Yards, Thunder Gray, #27 and Savage 107X12-8 Seamless Background Paper 107-Inch by 12 Yards, Primary Red and Savage 107X12-1 Seamless Background Paper, 107-Inch x 12 Yards (Super White).  It cost also about $60 each.


Than we went to Lowes and got some black interior paint for the finishing touch!  So if we want black back drop, all we have to do is roll up all three backdrop.

If you don’t have studio lights already, I recommend getting three Yongnuo YN-468 II i-TTL Speedlite Flash or Nikon SB-700 Speedlight Flash.  For wireless trigger, we use Yongnuo YN-622N, now you are set for wireless, high speed sync and mobility. Pair this with light stands and an umbrella or softbox of your choice.



Now all you need is some props, go out and buy lots, lots and lots of props at yard sales or second hand stores.  Now let the creative juice overflow and have fun shooting!

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