Antelope Island Buffalo Roundup [Video]

  • By Vien
  • 29 October, 2014
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This was my first year going out to see the bison round up for the winter season. My friend Jeff invited me. It was nice to go out and shoot an event with a like minded creative person to keep your skill sharp. It was amazing to see all the free-ranging bison, pronghorn antelope, horses and all the wildlife out there! They used horses to gather all the buffalo into a corral, with the help of volunteers on horseback.


BTS setup

my video setup

A lot of people were shooting stills, Jeff and I was more interested in shooting video.  Here’s my setup(check the above photo), Panasonic Gh3 with battery grip mounted on a Davis & Sanford fluid video head, 80-200mm f2.8 Nikon lens with a sun-hood on the foldout LCD.  Also a Gopro mounted on top.  So yeah we had the smallest lens out their compare to most people that do this professionally, but it works out great for video.  Anything more would be problematic while panning, which may introduce camera shake.


Picture above is one of the volunteers on horseback, getting ready to go out to the field.


the big lensI enjoyed hanging out with people that do this for a living, check out one of their setup(above photo), a d700 mounted with a 400mm Nikon lens.  I could felt all the excitement & energy from other photographer, everyone is out for a chance to get that perfect shot.  I felt like I was in Yellow Stone for a minute, than I realize this is better.  Because its mostly local people like use doing what they love, and it wasn’t super crowded.  By talking to other photographer, we found the perfect spot to shoot the event.  Can’t believe how friendly everyone was to each other.

cowboysAbove was one of my favorite picture of cowboys drinking coffee and hanging out.

Buffalo runs

Antelope buffalo

A random person out there also shot the event with an Octocopter,  with a DSLR camera mounted on it, it was really cool!  It was a lot of fun, I’m glad I had a chance to do this.  Can’t wait till next year….maybe we can get a backstage pass next year 😉


If you where out for this event, we would like to hear about your experienced, please leave a comment below.

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