Wireless Remote Control for camera

  • By Vien
  • 9 October, 2014
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The ML-L3 IR Wireless Remote Control is small enough that it’s easy to lose during a busy day or night.  Don’t you wish it came with a ring so you can hang it on your key ring?

Well it doesn’t, so you will have to do it yourself.  Grab a 5/64 drill bit and pick a corner toward the battery insert and start drilling.



Now you can insert a soft ring and hang it where ever you please.


I like to hang mine onto my camera sling, that way its always with me without getting in the way.


If you like to do a group picture, this remote is for you.  Now you can also be in the frame.  Also my favorite thing to do is use it for night/stars shoots.  Switch your Nikon camera to remote control mode than go into your menu and pick “Mup” for mirror up.  With your camera on a tripod looking up at the stars, you press your remote once to bring up the mirror and then press it again for the shutter.  That’s it, no more camera shake for long night exposure!


The ML-L3 IR Wireless Remote Control  cost less than $10, you have no excuse why it isn’t in your camera bag.  So get one so you can get some awesome creative selfie or nightsky.

Update: I actually been using this for awhile now and I cannot recommend this product anymore.  It uses RF technology, meaning you need light of sight.  Therefor you can’t use it behind your back.  You can’t use it behind the camera.  You only look like you trying to unlock your car every shot.  Nikon and Canon are so behind the technology curve.  Panasonic and Olympus have wifi built in there cameras for remote control for years.  And yes you don’t need line of sight anymore.


Do you use a remote control? Share with us below in the comments, how creative your are with one.

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