Indoor Motorcross at the Golden Spike

  • By Vien
  • 26 January, 2015
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I had a chance to go see and shoot Motorcross last weekend(2015JAN23).  The indoor light was horrible, worst than a indoor hockey rink.   Wow, those guys are awesome ranging form age 4 to 60 yrs old.  They were getting some air, tight turns around the berms, and just kicking dirt everywhere with so much control!



I had a chance to talk to some of the guys, they were super friendly and approachable.  Most of them drove four hours from southern Utah just to race.





I had a great time and still have a lot to learn about this sport.  I will be going back soon!

Remember there are more pictures at my facebook page, Go to it and “liked” my page and than feel free to down any pictures for free.  Email if you want a full resolution and we can talk about price.

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