Backpacking Whitepine Lake [Video]

  • By Vien
  • 11 August, 2015
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Backpacking Whitepine Lake near Tony Grove was a blast!  It wasn’t too long of a hike, about five miles in.  It rained on us a little on the hike in.  I was planning to catch fish for dinner up at Whitepine Lake but that didn’t happen.  Nolan caught the only brook trout in the pond.  I heard it tasted awesome.  When nightfall came around so did the storm, it pour on us all night long.  I told Will it was supposed to rain around 4am, I was right.  I wish I wasn’t.



The next morning I though I would try my hand at fishing again since it stop raining.  After the seventh cast a huge wind came through and yep, it started to rain some more.



Any one can start a fire in a nice weather, but man it’s a challenge to do it in the wind and rain while your body is shaking.  It made me think , what to bring for the next rainy trip.  Just when I was about to use my gun powder from my 9mm round, one of the guys had some fuel.  That was the best fire ever!




The whole time we backpack down from the trail,  it hail and rained on us!  I was thinking “This is awesome” my first backpacking trip and it had rain the whole time.  I heard about this kind of trip, but never actually been in one.  Feels like I was in the movie!  Thank goodness I pack my military style Gore-Tex jacket and pant that’s waterproof.  After this trip I was hook!  I went out and bought me some more backpacking gear!  So if you looking for someone to go backpacking with in the future, hit me up!


The best tripod to pack on this trip was the MeFOTO A0350Q0C Aluminium Backpacker Travel Tripod Kit,

It was small, light weight, compact, it fit in my backpack so easy that I forgot I had it on the way back down.



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