Eden Balloon Festival 2015

  • By Vien
  • 22 August, 2015
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We had a great time at the Ogden Valley Balloon Festival.  It reminded me of a small town state fair.  They had a lot of food, shave ice and great music entertainment.  There was a band that caught our ears.  Colt .46 was the name of the band.  They played country style music and  sounded really good for being live.  I thought they were awesome!


_DSC6326 _DSC6314 _DSC6312

We notice there was a lot of jewelry booth this year.  But no one had a toy hot air balloon for sale, only T-shirts.

The weather got really hot.  The morning time launch sounding a lot more appealing.


_DSC6389 _DSC6282 _DSC6254

Colt .46 rocking out on the stage!


_DSC6270 _DSC6385 _DSC6378 _DSC6245

Notice there wasn’t any pictures of any balloons.  The schedule said they supposed to launch it at 3:30pm.  We got there on Saturday at 3pm and stay until 6:30pm and nothing happen.   I would stay longer but had to be at a hockey game by 7pm.  Very disappointed.  Maybe the morning launch will be better for next year.



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