North Ogden Skate Park

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  • 25 August, 2015
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Hanging out with Dakota and his friend at the Skate park around North Ogden.  At age 16, Dakota is very motivated to be skating and looking to be sponsor in the near feature.  Skateboarding is more than expressing yourself, its a sport that takes a lot of skills to pull off.  When I was young, I used to skateboard and I remember how special it made me feel, especially when I learned a new trick.  Tony Hawk, “Glemming the Cube”, and playing “skate or die” on the Nintendo was the thing of my childhood!   I grew up with a Mike McGill skateboard.  He was best known for inventing the trick entitled the “McTwist”, an inverted 540 degree mute grab aerial.

Christian Slater (Gleaming The Cube) full movie 1989


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It was also awesome to meet Tyler!  This guy is only 12 years old.  His dad taught him when he was young and now he is hooked.  This kid got some awesome move! I was very impressed!



_DSC6625 _DSC6661 _DSC6618

Tyler, board-sliding the rail with confidence and style!


Dakota had an awesome kick-flip that he can land anywhere at the park!

_DSC6436 _DSC6579 _DSC6489 _DSC6702

Overall we had the privilege to see Dakota, Tyler and their friend breaking out some awesome moves at the skate park!  They had no fear, but passion and love for what they do.  I hope these guys get sponsor one day! Thanks for letting us hang out with you guy for a couple of hours.  Hopefully I will see them in the future X-Games.





Skaters, If you want a copy of your pictures please email us and we are happy to give it to you for free!

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