Cabin in the Uintas Review

  • By Vien
  • 5 October, 2015
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As you can tell, our family loves camping and the outdoors.  A lot of our friends are asking about the cabin we just got back from up in the Uintas.  So I told them I would do a review, so here we go…

Wow! This cabin is so awesome and beautiful! Its all about  location, location, location.  It is located somewhere around Mirror Lake and it quickly became our new, secret favorite place.  We were off the grid, with no cell service and no technology,  just enjoying God’s creation!  My wife, Ange, asked if we could sell off everything and move out here, that’s how nice it was.  The fall colors are surreal!



Falls colors, picture taken with my Iphone.

_DSC8162 _DSC8207

The cabin we were in had a refrigerator, microwave, oven, gas heater and grill outside on the porch.  It can sleep up to about six people.  For recreation there are hiking trails, ATV rental, Kayak rental, volleyball, horse shoe, and even tire flipping.  A creek even runs through the camp!



A giant fire pit at the campground with unlimited, free firewood supplied by the host.



Firewoods, picture taken with my Iphone.



bridge 1_HDR2

The creek that runs through our campsite.


There is a community bathroom and shower that is very clean.  You know you are out in the wild when you have a deer staring at you in the middle of the night as you are walking to the bathroom.

My beautiful wife hanging out at an old abandoned log cabin on the way to Lym Lake.


Lym Lake

Lym Lake, picture taken with my Iphone.



Hiking around Lym Lake, picture taken with my Iphone.

Lym Lake is very pretty, but I don’t recommend going up if you don’t have 4 wheel drive.  You are not just off road, you are rock climbing and crossing rivers/mud pits.  I will never go there again.  One of our friend engine light came on after the 2 hour trip. Another friend was riding an ATV and after a very hard ride he was extremely sore.  It’s a rough ride for your truck and your passenger.  If only I owned a monster truck like “Big Foot” then I wouldn’t mind taking a drive up there again!



Lym Lake awesomeness!

We had the lake all to ourselves. Here I am, I caught two beautiful Brook trout on that day. Using a fly with a dark green color works pretty good. It gets pretty chilly when the wind blows at that high altitude.



Hiking around Mirror Lake, my daughter looks thrilled to be fishing.


As always Mirror Lake is gorgeous!  We walked around and enjoyed the view.  We only caught one Tiger trout after 2 hours of fishing.


Casting at Mirror Lake. My son Micah trying his luck with a big fishing pole.




Mirror Lake board walk.


Landed a Tiger Trout with a spinner!


Gene sporting his ATV

Pretty scenic cliff at Elizabeth Ridge!


Pets are welcome at this cabin, Erika and Nolan!  You must keep them on the leash, though.  Yes we even asked if we could bring our cat, and the answer is yes!  How awesome is that?

The best camera is the one you have on you.  I had with my my Nikon d7000 and the Tokina 11-16mm and my Nikon 50mm.  Also I was shooting with my Iphone, you can tell by the lower quality.



We really enjoyed this cabin in the Uintas and will definitely go back next year and will be looking forward to inviting our few close friend to share our experiences.  It was very peaceful and a great place to release all your stress and worries.  It’s like a scene off a movie!  Nice clean mountain air!


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