Upgrading Iphone battery

  • By Vien
  • 6 October, 2015
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I’ve been impressed with the Iphone camera ever since the 3G came out.  For me the smart phone camera will replace any point and shoot camera on the market.  Last time I bought a point and shoot camera was about ten years ago.  I have no intention on ever buying one again, that’s what my Iphone is for.

Anywho,  my Iphone had a battery problem not to long ago, the battery would only charge up to 80%.  It is so annoying to have your phone die on you after it gets to 20%, without any warning, it just turn off.

So I could pay about $100 bucks or more for someone else to fix it for me.  But I’m the type of guy that likes to take things apart and do it myself.  Solder iron and cable repairs are my friends:)  I b0ught the battery on www.ifixit.com for $25 buck and installed it myself.  Now it works great, just like a brand new phone.

Its a great camera to take fishing and document your big catch!

If you need a replacement parts or a free repair guide for your phone, DSLR, ipad and more……go to www.ifixit.com.  Or just pay me to do it!




Remember… the best camera is the one you got on you! so don’t let your battery run out, get it fix.

I also used my phone to connect and control my Panasonic GH3 via wifi and my Yi Action cam, which I will do a review on, later this week.  So….check back with us again real soon.





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