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I had a chance to visit and meet with Buddy (CEO of Laos Outfitter) this pass week near the Atlanta area in Georgia.  They sell their own clothing line all over the world, they can outfit you with hats, belt buckle, sweat shirt, t-shirt, dress shirt, jacket, etc…  They pride themselves for having high fashion clothing that stands out from the crowds and custom-cut to fit comfortably, unlike your regular cookie cutter t-shirt company’s.

I met with the awesome team: Tom, Lek, Joi and Buddy.  They gave me a tour of their state-of-the-art facility.  They designed, print, and QA all of their products in-house.  It was interesting to see a shirt being prep before it was ready to go to print on a high-end machine that prints to fabrics.  They also had a photo studio in their shop, I was able to observed a live photo-shoot with models showcasing their products.


They encouraged their customer to be themselves and shop for what they will love.  Their company slogan:  “DARE TO BE DIFFERENT. DARE TO BE YOU.”


Buddy, CEO of Laos Outfitters

They have a whole bunch of talented people here.  Visionary, Dreamer, Photographer, artist, Graphic designer, salesperson, fashion sense…wow they have it all!  They are all great to work with.

Great product for great price!  What else can you ask for?

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