TOUR OF UTAH near Country Corner

  • By Vien
  • 17 August, 2017
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I was fortune enough to have the Tour of Utah Stage 5 came five minutes from my house.  They came up to West Weber and almost to Country Corner, which is a gas station out in the country.  I decided to set up camp on the corner of Davis Custom Meats building, this is where they have to do a 90 degrees turn towards west.  I figured I can get a good shot of them coming towards me and then a great turning shot.


I had my Nikon D750 and my sport lens attached, Nikon 70-200mm.  I can’t believe how fast they were going.  I heard from one of the volunteer that they were 5 minutes ahead of schedule.  You can feel the energy coming closer and closer.  Everyone is starting to get excited, there were only 3 fans, 2 volunteer personal and 1 sheriff that was manning this post.


When the finally came through you can feel a little rumble in the ground, dust and rock flying everywhere.


They were all gone in about one minute.  The best shot was the front leader and the bikers that was trailing behind.  The middle pack was harder to focus on, like a lion trying to single out a prey.

Overall it was a great race! I hope you enjoy the photo as much as I enjoy taking them!




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