Here’s our Wattsmart video contest submission for 2017

  • By Vien
  • 16 October, 2017
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I have been submitting to the Local Utah Wattsmart Video Contest for about five years now. But this year, I have submitted one of my best one. We got great actors, professional sound with boom microphone, a powerful lights setup, lots of extra and a great story. Not to mention it takes a lot of planning and feeding everyone. We also use an awesome low light camera. My grip team was also awesome! A lot of time spend on this productions.

Yet we didn’t place at all…. Hmmmm.  I wonder why? Is the judge panel bias and against high production value? Does the judge know anything at all about filmmaking? Are the judges in cahoots with their neighbor? Go here and watch the videos and you be the judge,

The Genie one was great, but the rest could’ve done better.

This shows that you have a better chance of winning if you use the worst camera and have the worst sound apparently.

If you serious about filmmaking, go somewhere else.


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