Kayak and Fishing! Why Not?

  • By Vien
  • 16 August, 2017
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I can’t believe how much the price of a kayak has come down this past year.  I love kayaking and fishing.  So why not do it together?  I have always fished on the shore and usually where the fish are hiding is inaccessible on land.  After doing a little research for a fishing kayak that is light-weight (I can carry it by myself), sit-on-top (more space to move around and stable), & has a fishing rod holder; I went with the Lifetime Hydros Angler. It’s only 41 pounds, 8.5 feet tall and is a sit-on-top with 3 fishing rod holders.  I bought mine at The Lifetime store in Clearfield, Utah.  At the time it was only $199 and it came with a paddle. What a great deal for a fishing kayak!  A couple of years ago the cheapest one cost around $500.  I weigh about 155 lb and am 5’7 tall, this kayak fits me perfectly.  The max weight is 220 lb.


If you have ever been in a sit inside kayak, than you know how easy it is to roll and become inverted in the water.  Sit-on-top kayaks are more stable for fisherman and people who want a little more open space.  You also don’t have to worry about water getting inside if you do capsize.  If you are not into fishing than you can also buy a non-fishing kayak for about $160

The fun doesn’t stop there…once you get a kayak, now you get to upgrade to your needs.  Most kayaks come with very basic accessories so I added an anchor system, basket for storage, two camera mounts, oar holder, & a fish finder, just to name a few…  If you go onto YouTube and search “kayak upgrades”, the possibilities are endless.

Do I catch more fish on a Kayak? Yes, yes, yes!


The kayak will change your life…it will help you get outside and smell the fresh air.  It will help you get active.  It will help you catch more fish. We are anxiously awaiting the chance to take the kayaks to the salmon run at Causey Reservoir in a few weeks.

My favorite lakes to explore and fish are Mantua Reservoir, Causey Reservoir, Mirror Lake, and Adam’s Reservoir.

I also started to do some kayak photography, it’s an amazing vantage point.  I’ve been taking my Nikon D7000 camera and I’m not worrying about tipping over the whole time.  I’ve captured birds in flight, ducks landing in the water, frogs, turtles and many more.



Kayaks are now so affordable, I think everyone should get one!  It’s time for you to go make memories with your kayak. Your adventures awaits you!






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