Tascam DR-40 + Rode NTG-2 + JuicedLink = Awesomeness!

  • By Vien
  • 12 November, 2013
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I feel like I have to write a review about this so the same thing won’t happen to someone else. ..

So you went out and bought the Tascam DR-40 handheld portable recorder, huh?  It’s an excellent little recorder.  Not to many recorder in the sub $200 range can record dual channel.  Meaning you can record two track at the same time, one normal and one -12db for safety track in case you clipped.  Also you can attach two XLR/TRS mic.

For my XLR microphone….I decided to go with the Rode NTG-2 after reading great reviews.  It’s a great solid shotgun microphone.  It takes one 9v AA battery if you don’t have phantom power.  I love the deep and rich sound it records.

So here’s the problems….Its not compatible with each other.  The Tascam DR-40 will work with the Rode NTG-2, but not well.  The pickup is very low, the DR-40 don’t have enough preamp to really boost the gain.  So once again it will work ok if you are within 2 feet of it.  Anything farther than  that, the quality is questionable.  So you end up boosting the the gain on the recorder around 90 to 100%  and now you are picking up all the backgound noises(including hissing, popping and  buzzing), not good.

So what’s the solution?  You can go out and buy a new mic, like the  Sennheiser ME66(should be compatible with the DR-40) or buy a new Recorder, like the Zoom H4N(compitable with the NTG-2).

I decided to go with the third option and bought the JuicedLink RM202(

> Riggy-Micro Dual-XLR Preamplifier($250),

JuicedLink Riggy-Micro Dual-XLR Preamplifier with Phantom Power RM222




Now the Rode NTG-2 goes into the juicedLink and from the juicelink into the Tascam via TRS jack.

Now my sound come in nice and clean with a lot of head room on my gain.  My subject can be out to 10 ft and still sound awesome!  Hope this help, leave a comment if you have more question about this setup.



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