Ice Hockey in Ogden [Video]

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  • 3 November, 2014
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When I was a kid, I always dreamed of playing Ice Hockey.  As you know I started to play ice hockey again, after taking about 12 years off.  Started back on the summer league at the Ogden ice sheet, NUSHL.  Trying to get my groove back…now the fall season just started.  I’m playing for the Hill team 1, division 2 and I’m loving it!  Almost back to my 100% again…


2001 HAFB team

Back story, growing up in Atlanta with Sega Genesis, I played a lot of NHL hockey game and began liking the sports a lot.  Not to many people from Laos played ice hockey, so I figured I would tried it.  I’m also a big ATL Thrasher’s fan.  You may have seen me wearing my Atlanta Thrasher hat.  Anywho…I started to play roller hockey for about 4 years.  When I got older and join the Air Force  in 1998 and was station a HAFB.  I heard they where getting a team together.  So I joined, it was so much fun, after playing for bout 6yrs I quit.  Got married, had two kids and super busy with life.


2014 Fall Gam

2014 Fall Game

2014 October 31 game

2014 October 31 game

Now 12 years later, here I am…trying to get back in shape.  I been working out regularly trying to get faster and stronger.  Here are some of my workout program… Core workouts includes doing planks, pushup, squats, weight lifting, box jumps, running 5k, etc…

Scored one goal and one assist on the second game of this season, not too bad….  My Gopro chest mounted battery die half way through the game 🙁

We ended up tying it up 5 to 5 with the Sr Mustangs.  Its one of the most fun game I played so far!  I’m looking forward for more fun games, I just wish the stats page would get updated!


All of the photo taken here was with my D7000 with the 70-200mm f2.8 vrII, except the vintage one.


Some people join a gym.  I rather play Ice Hockey!  Living out my childhood dream and staying in shape, having fun doing it!  I will be playing ice hockey for a long time, so come out and join us at the Weber/Ogden Ice sheet.




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