2015MAR13 Ice Hockey Highlights – Hill Raptors vs Sr Mustangs [Video]

  • By Vien
  • 21 March, 2015
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Highlights video: I have a Gopro camera strap to my chest!

The Final score is Hill Raptor: 6, Sr Mustang: 4.  We played ice hockey at the Ogden Ice Sheet near Weber State University in a men’s recreation league.

This was one of my favorite game so far!  The game was close the whole time.  Our team had some really good passes and were playing together like an well oil machine.  I’ve been sick for some times now, so my endurance isn’t 100% yet, so I did ok.  But we were passing well, cycling the puck well, even killing penalty well.  Scoring had a good spread: Gordie got one, Josh got two, the new guy(Bruce) got one, Weston got one, even I got one.  We were so much on fired, even when we had 3 against 5, during a penalty kill, Weston was able to score a short handed goal.  Daniel our goalie also got some new pads and he is like a brick wall or is it Patrick Wall!

The Sr Mustangs was playing well also, they were on a winning streak, until after this game.  They beat our team(Hill Raptors) two weeks ago(Most of our teammate were sick and didn’t make it to the game).  They also beat the Gold team, the Hill Buzzard, giving the Sr Mustangs 3 winning streak.  The Sr Mustangs recently added Derick Peterson(DP) to their roster.  And maybe that’s what they need to balance their team.  Mike Mckinney, the Sr Mustangs team captain just recently got a hat trick + 1 in the previous game.


Over all I enjoy playing in the Division 2, Fun and competitive, but too physical or too fast!  I get time to think about what I’m going to do(gameplay) and more puck time.  So if you are super-competitive and have a lot of penalty minute, we don’t want you, please go join the Division 1.  There’s only four team in Division 2 but I hope it will grow into more teams next year.

My only complaint is that I wish they post the stats and keep them update regularly.


Anyways, that what I remember!  If I missed anything post a comment below.  See you out on the ice! If you new and want to play, please go to http://nushl.teampages.com/ for more info.







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