YMCA gala 2015

  • By Vien
  • 16 October, 2015
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So I volunteered to take pictures for the YMCA Gala this week at the Utah Cultural Celebration Center at West Valley.  It was a really great fundraiser event.  Great people and great food, what else can you ask for?


_DSC9118 _DSC9113 _DSC8874 _DSC8840 _DSC8798


They had rows of stuff for auctions, and its all for a good cause!  I remembered the giant paddle board laying on the ground.


_DSC8766 _DSC8795 _DSC8782 _DSC8779 _DSC8771


Having a bar in there was also nice!

_DSC8735 _DSC8713 _DSC8681 _DSC8669

People were biding on items left and right!



Rich West, Utah YMCA CEO.

_DSC8630 _DSC8628

Our entertainment for the night were these kids playing drums!  The Drum Bus was in tune and giving off some fresh beats.




My favorite food of night was the salmon with couscous serve on a bamboo bowl! Oh did I mention… how I love bamboo, super classy.  Presentation, backup with tastiness, All brought to you by Snake Creek Grill!



The best dessert that night was the Gelato!


_DSC9126 _DSC9128

Hope you enjoy these pictures, this is just a glimpse of the night.  To find out how you can get involve, go to www.ymcautah.org


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