Cats and pets photo tips

  • By Vien
  • 12 November, 2015
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Here’s my quick tips for photographing pets…. Make sure you have plenty of distractions ( toys, food, snack, something shiny, etc…).  In my case I just had a ball of yard and my daughter.  If you are using a studio, white seamless backdrop will do the trick.  Make sure you are using a wide lens(example 11-16mm, DX), so you won’t miss any unpredictable action.  You may capture outside of your backdrop but you can fill it in later.  Also if you have people in your shot, make sure they don’t stick their head, hands or foot towards the camera.  It will look distorted and huge, so keep your subject the same plane as the pet.

Setup your flash and then remember to try to shoot the same level of you pets.


_DSC9470 _DSC9527 _DSC9457

two cats


Have fun,  remember you can’t tell cats what to do, all you can do is play and click.  Keep it simple and learn from every projects!





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