Why you should upgrade to the Nikon D750 Full Frame!

  • By Vien
  • 8 March, 2016
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I know a lot of people always complaining about their DX camera. I have heard something like… My camera won’t focus fast enough, especially in low light situation. Also that my camera is too noisy. Or that I wish I can shoot at a clean ISO 2000 for sports.  Why is my camera always backfocus or miss focus?

Well maybe that a sign that you have reach your limits on your DX camera and its time to upgrade to an FX or full frame.  One of the biggest problem this will fix is the back-focusing problem due to the placement of most of the DX sensor!  I can speak from experienced having own the D7000.  Even with the “fine focus tuning”, on some lens like the 80-200mm f2.8D, you just can’t get it to focus dead on.

With the D750 99% of my FX lens is dead on focus!



The price for Nikon FX camera is dropping everyday, so now its super affordable. I would suggest that you skip over the D610 line and jump right into the D710.



It cost a little bit more, but not by much. You will be glad that you did, because of the new focus engine you will get. It come with the same focus system that comes with the D4s and the D810. Besides having a little faster frame rate(.5) and able to shoot video at 1080 @60fps and top off with Wifi ability, it’s an Awesome deal!



You can’t go wrong with this upgrade! You will get more out of you FX lens: more resolution, more bokeh, and super sharp-fast focus system.

Let us know your thoughts about this upgrade?



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