D750 for Low Light Video!

  • By Vien
  • 20 February, 2017
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Nikon finally got it right!  I have always been looking for a camera system that can do still photo and video very well….the search is now over.  I have been using Nikon for shooting professional photos and Panasonic GH1-GH4 to shoot professional video.  Now I can do it all on a Nikon D750!

If are looking for a Full Frame video camera for low light situation, the Nikon D750 is a good choice! Finally, Nikon has come out with the best video capability camera in their lineup that is worth mentioning.  Remember the video on the D7000? it was horrible!  I love not worrying about crop factor when I’m selecting lenses.  On a Panasonic system, you would have to add the crop factor to the lens selection and then by physic, you also lose some depth of field and low light capabilities.



If you are looking for something in-between the Panasonic GH4 and the Sony A7s, the Nikon D750 is it, here’s why… the GH3/GH4 is a great camera, but only up to ISO 800 is usable before it gets too noisy. The D750 can go up to ISO 3200 pretty cleanly. If you need to go beyond ISO 3200, get the Sony A7s(low light king), But than the Sony A7s has heating issue and not so robust.

I’m still amazed at how I can shoot the D750 at ISO 2000 and its noise-free! You can shoot up to 60fps @1080 on the Nikon.  Also did i mention the color science on this camera is awesome. You can shoot your video on a flat profile and its super easy to color-grade for a great look.



The Panasonic Gh5 suppose to come out  soon, unless it has a built-in body stabilizer and go full frame(stop the crop factor stuff) for better low light ability, I’m not buying one.

The Nikon D750 is my new go to video camera for low light scene and everyday shooting.

What’s your favorite low-light full frame camera? Leave a comment below.



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