How to pass the Part 107 FAA test using only free material

  • By Vien
  • 24 March, 2018
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How I passed the UAG(unmanned aircraft –general) AKA Part 107 knowledge test on the first try with only using free materials online.

Disclaimer: Every test used a different pool of questions, so this does not guarantee you to pass the test.

First of all if you have a video/photo business you need to get a Small unmanned aircraft system’s license.  It cost $150 to take the knowledge test, so study hard and pass it the first time.  After that you can apply for the license.  The TSA also do a background check on you.  You should plan on a three-month window, to get your physical drone license.  The hardest part is preparing for the knowledge test.

I will walk you through how I did it.

  1. I downloaded the Remote pilot study guide and read it thoroughly 3 times, there are 87 pages total.
  2. I also watch these videos: Air Space General & FREE Drone Certification Study Guide: FAA Part 107 sUAS Test
  3. Learn how to read latitude and longitude on sectional charts.
  4. Learn how to read METAR and TAF.
  5.  Lastly check the most missed question!

After I learned all of that, I took a pretest at: until I got 98% or better.

That’s when I know I was ready.  If you feel like you are still not ready, than study all the Suggested Study Materials from the FAA website.  I also suggest looking online for more pretest questions from a different pool of questions.

I study for about two weeks, that’s it.  I scored a 83% on the final test.  Not bad for only using free materials online.  I know a lot of UA pilot think it’s a waste of time to be tested on mostly fix wing airplane stuff, but I really enjoyed learning about airport operations, airspace/sectional charts.

The last tip is to really learn the theory and how it works and not to just remembering the answers.

Remember this might not work for everyone, but it work for me! My only pilot experience is from flying a RC airplane as a hobby.

Here are some test questions I made up, hope it helps.



1. C airspace outer shell, how many Nautical Miles(NM) apart is it?

a.10nm     b. 20nm    c.  30nm



2.  CTAF(Common Traffic Advisory Frequency) is use for?

a.  ATC with radars     b. pilot to call out their approach     c.  to check the weather



3. METAR KMDW 121856Z 32005KT 1 ½SM RA OVC007 17/16 A2980 RMK RAB35, what does RAB35 mean?

a.  air pressure 35hpa     b. rain blows 3500ft     c. rain began at 1835z



4.  What must you have readily available to show the FAA when flying your sUA?

a.  flight records/logs     b.  your drone license     c. your credit card



5.  If you put too much weight on the unmanned airplane in the aft, behind the  CG, what will happen?

a.  become unstable at all times     b.  unstable until speed increases     c. stable when speed decreases




Good luck! Never stop learning!





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