How I got the Orlit RoveLight RT 610 to work with the Yongnuo flash

  • By Vien
  • 1 August, 2018
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Everyone is afraid to buy the Orlit RoveLight RT 610 because you can only trigger it with their own transmitter (TR-Q6), therefore causing us to buy two more lights from them to have a three light setup.  But you don’t have to…

I have been using the Yongnuo speedlite YN-685 with the built-in wireless receiver for years now and I loved it.  I sold all my Nikon flash to get the Yongnuo speedlite, it is more powerful with a built-in radio for cheaper than my old Nikon sb-700.  I used only the YN-622N-TX to trigger them wirelessly with the ability to do High speed sync.


So if you have the same setup, now all you need is to buy a Yongnuo YN-622N Transceivers and then attach the ORLIT TR-Q6 Studio Flash Trigger to it and now you can trigger all of your Yongnuo speedlites including the RoveLight RT 610(make sure the firmware are to date, mine is V3).

The only thing is you have to change power setting manual on the Rovelight unit while the rest of the speedlite setting can be change wirelessly.

It’s ok if you don’t have any Yongnuo speedlite.  Just buy the YN622N Transceiver and then you can trigger as many speedlite as you want, regardless of the brand.  I was able to trigger 6 lights including the powerful RoveLight.

I loved this setup!  I won’t have to buy any new lights for a very long time.  It’s so light and portable, perfect for a run-and-gun situation.  It’s awesome to know that you will never have to worry about running out of light again!  I Love the Orit RoveLight RT 610, its super powerful for outdoor action or family shoots.  It’s built like a tank even after the wind blew it over while it was on a 7 feet stand, still working like a champ!  Let us know your favorite light setup in the comment below.

Never stop exploring and learning!


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